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I’m currently in Jamaica, but I wanted to show you some of my favorite wedding inspiration from last week.


Happy Weekend!

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Rich and I leave for Jamaica tomorrow (at 6:00 AM…). We’re both ready for some fun in the sun and tropical drinks (hopefully with little umbrellas). I have a few posts scheduled for next week, so stop back for some great wedding inspiration.



Outfitted: Zara launches U.S. online shop

I first discovered Zara when I was living in Barcelona in 2007. Most of the clothing I purchased on my study abroad trip came from this Spanish clothing and accessories retailer. There were free-standing stores in almost every shopping center in Spain, and some stores were mere blocks away from each other.

The US got their first Zara stores in New York (and later Chicago) two or three years after I returned from Europe. It wasn’t until yesterday when Zara launched their US online shop that those of us in smaller metropolitian areas could shop the brand as well. I had the launch date marked on my calendar for about a month, so I immediately browsed the collection yesterday morning. Here are my favorite Zara finds:

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner zara-shirts

Zara Shirts

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner zara-shoes

Zara Shoes and Accessories

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner zara-skirts

Zara Skirts

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner zara-pants

Zara Pants

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner zara-jackets

Zara Jackets


Wedding Awards and putting the "ck" in!

I can finally put the “CK” in! Rich and I got married this past Sunday in Omaha, NE and in my opinion, it couldn’t have been more fun! I have numerous wedding posts planned, but you’ll have to wait to read them until I get the pictures back from our photographer. In the meantime, check out the lovely wedding inspiration I pulled from weddings featured last week in the bridal blogosphere:

Inspiration: True Love

I’m getting married in three days, and I thought these pictures were the perfect inspiration for my upcoming nuptials. They are saturated in the pure and true love that these newlyweds share for each other. Yes I love weddings full of design and fashion, but most importantly, I love Richard Donald Kalasky more than anything else in the world, and I am so glad to have to opportunity to share that with my nearest and dearest friends and family.


Post Wedding Hair…and GREAT NEWS!

I’ve had long hair for most of my life (except for my adolescent bowl cut and post-Locks for Love donation). Most brides grow their hair out specifically for their wedding, and they’re usually ready to give their high-maintenance hair a good chop once the wedding festivities are over. I’m definitely getting a little tired of my current hair style, but instead of drastically changing my length, I’d rather change up the color. Check out my inspiration below, and tell me what you think!

Now for some great news if you live in the Omaha area: I was recently introduced to Ready or Knot {Wedding Chic} through my sister and the amazing Cather Circle Organization. Omaha has been needing a stylish and modern bridal boutique for a LONG time. I spent a lot of time and money traveling to Minneapolis to get my wedding gown (five trips in 14 months), and some of you might recall Brett’s dress hunt in Kansas City (it was a 14 hour trip). I was lucky enough to sit down with Jocelyn, the uber creative store owner, to talk about her vision for Ready or Knot. I’ll post the interview next week (once I have some free time after the wedding…). Then you’ll get another taste of Ready or Knot when I give you a recap of my sister’s visit to the store to find her wedding gown.

So spread the word! Ready or Knot should be your first stop when shopping for a bridal gown!


Cooking with your Honey: Pancakes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s also my favorite meal of the day. I love sleeping in on Saturdays and making eggs and pancakes with Rich. Breakfast is the perfect meal to make with your significant other because the recipes are usually easy to execute, and it’s a great way to start the day together.

Rich and I have a tradition of making sweet corn pancakes on game days (for our CORNhuskers…) Other notable breakfast items include muesli from the Swissotel in Chicago and the simple, but always delicious, poached egg on toast.

Here are some recipes Rich and I plan on trying out. Aren’t those penguin waffles adorable!?! You can put syrup in their bellies!


Wedding Awards

Normally I feel a little sluggish on Mondays, but it’s wedding week! I had the most amazing bachelorette party this past weekend. I want to thank all of my friends and family members who were able to make it. I felt so loved!

So to get this week started off right, here is some great wedding inspiration from last week. Enjoy!