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01. | Commitment to Excellence

Integrity is at the core of everything we do. Our commitment is always to prioritize what’s best for your clients. Our creativity is never constrained by rental inventory. For every event, we handpick creative partners based on the location, unique style, and budget at hand, ensuring the event’s success is never compromised. 

We live by the principle of “no assumptions, no shortcuts.” Crafting an intimate event means diving deep into the details. We explore every design avenue, refine each specification, and thoughtfully consider the impact of each design element on the guest experience.

02. | Creative Strategy

At the heart of every event lies a story waiting to unfold. We don’t just design beautiful events, we create sensational experiences rooted in authenticity and creative strategy.

In order to design with intention, depth, and meaning, we deeply connect with what’s important to you and your clients, focusing not just on the ‘what,’ but the profound ‘why’ behind it. 

03. | Our undivided attention

Crafting a memorable wedding takes more than just ideas – it demands time, dedication, and heart. This is why we limit our event bookings each year. We’re committed to giving each celebration the time and attention it truly deserves, ensuring both you and your clients experience our very best.

04. | Proven Expertise

Expect white glove service from a team with over 12 years of experience producing large-scale productions from coast to coast.

Beyond comprehensive design plans, we offer tailor-made visuals, life-like mockups and renderings, and a team of craftsmen and project managers that seamlessly turns digital designs into real-life marvels.

We specialize in: floral, fabric, lighting, art & graphics, furnishings, and custom fabrications

05. | Seamless Communication 

Open, honest, and timely communication runs in our DNA. With our roots in wedding planning, we grasp the nuances of guiding clients through the intricate dance of preparations. We’re your steadfast partners, consistently delivering and surpassing expectations.

Our streamlined project management system ensures detailed documentation and decision history at each design stage. Although we have a tried-and-tested design methodology, we value flexibility – ensuring our approach fits harmoniously with your company’s unique planning process.

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Lovestruck Production Partner

“Candace and Lindsay, and their team are a vendor’s dream. Well-communicative throughout the process with a strong sense of design and vision that came together impeccably. They were well organized and easy to work with”


Our Process

For designs that truly resonate and captivate, embark on this journey with us


Discovering the Vision

Every great design begins with understanding. We delve deep into your client’s narrative, their aspirations, preferences, and heritage. Our design compass is their story, and we’re passionate about translating that into a memorable event design.



Decision-making thrives in clarity. We curate high-level design concepts, each paired with a transparent financial outline. Initially, we paint with broad strokes, capturing the overarching vision and design strategy. Upon receiving client approval, we meticulously refine, attending to every intricate detail.



Taking cues from you and your client’s feedback, we refine our concepts and budget estimations. Once there’s mutual agreement on the project’s scope, we dive into devising a comprehensive design plan.



Our presentations offer a vivid journey, detailing how the special day will unfold in look and feel. Yet, this journey thrives on collaboration. We invite client feedback, ensuring every facet is aligned with their envisioned dream for their special day.



As the wedding day approaches, we solidify custom elements. Detailed sketches, immersive renderings, and material selections come together, leaving no room for ambiguity.



When the celebration arrives, know that our dedicated team is right by your side, seamlessly managing the production schedule and guiding the creative crew. To us, every task, big or small, holds meaning. We’re here to ensure that every moment unfolds as planned, championing the success of your event with heart and dedication.

Artful Transformations

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The Finer Details



Design & Production

Embark on a comprehensive design journey beginning with design strategy. From there, enjoy peace of mind as we take charge of every aspect of the event setup and teardown, going above and beyond in execution.

  • Minimum design spend:
    • $150,000 for turn-key venue events
    • $225,000 for tent events
  • Design fee:
    • $7,000 for turn-key venue events
    • $12,500 for tent events
  • We’re always flexible on fees when collaborating on interesting, new-to-us projects. If you have an event that fits this description, but has a design budget lower than our norms, please reach out. We’d love to hear about it.
  • Upon initiating a project with us, an initial “Save the Date” deposit equal to the design fee is required. Once the Scope of Work is approved, a payment amounting to 50% of the total project cost is due. Following the comprehensive design presentation, another 25% is payable. The final installment, covering the remaining 25%, is due one month before the wedding day.


Creative Consultation

Ever heard of a ghost writer? We’re your ghost designer. From initial concepts to detailed design decks and sourcing, we’re here to guide and inspire based on your needs.

  • All work is completed virtually
  • Hourly rate: $175
  • Service minimum: 30 hours
  • Standard deposit policy is $2,500 at the time of booking, then the remaining payments are billed monthly based on hours completed

Behind the Scenes Continued

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Bringing the Outdoors In

Lego Lovers Escort Display

Celebrating Cultural Influences

Personalized Details


Lovestruck Production Partner

The amount of thought and detail these ladies put into an event is unmatched, from renderings to timelines and logistics. We can’t say enough good things about our experience!




We’re ready to devote our passion and expertise to help make your projects truly exceptional in every way.

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Lovestruck Creative Partner

“Expect fast responses, great design ideas, and a thoughtful yet easygoing approach! …you can absolutely trust the team at Lovestruck Events to bring joy and excitement to the event-planning process!”

– Cheree Berry Paper


Lovestruck Production Partner

“They combine excellent communication with unsurpassed design choices and the know-how to make it all happen seamlessly. Each event is incredibly different, which is proof of the time and dedication they take to produce each celebration. They do not cut corners, and they do not settle for average or cut and pasted designs. Lovestruck allows only the very best when it comes to form and function.”