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FAQ: Manager vs. Planner

Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

I have been wanting to start a blog column that addresses a lot of the questions I get from potential and current clients. This “FAQ” column would cover pricing methods, planning processes, client interactions, vendors, etc.

As you can tell from my long blogging absence, my time has been booked up with planning and designing weddings as well as remodeling our home. When I came across Kathy Remero’s post about the differences between a manager and a planner – I knew I had to share this valuable information with all of my readers. I highlighted some of Kathy’s key points below, but please read her entire post here.

The Differences Between a Manager and a Planner (excerpts from Kathy Remero)

One of the things I love most about working in the wedding industry is that it is filled with unbelievable talent and people with remarkable dedication. That said, experience has shown me that most of our talents are not interchangeable. Personally, I find it interesting


A Little Valentine's Project

Last week I was working at The Village Grinder, and I kept being distracted by all of the amazing Valentines Candy lining the coffee shop’s walls like an old-fashion general store. I started reminiscing about the Valentine’s Day parties we had in elementary school. I remember spending weeks on my Valentine’s Day box and picking out the perfect Lisa Frank Valentines for my classmates. I miss looking through all of the valentines and sorting through the candy that was taped to each card, so I broke out my craft supplies and got to work re-creating memories and assembling Valentines for my friends and family. Valentines Treat Pouches

I packaged the candy (sour lips, cinnamon hearts, toffee bites, and chocolate-covered caramels) in heart-shaped parchment paper that I sewed with bright pink thread. Valentines Treat Pouches


Rich’s grandparents gave us the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook for Christmas, and this project gave me the opportunity to try out the Brownie Roll Out Cookies listed among other the mouth-watering recipes in the book. The recipe was incredibly simple, and I piped some strawberry frosting between two mini-heart brownies to make them a little more festive. Mini Brownies Mini Brownies Mini Brownies


Let me introduce you to….

For the past two months, I’ve been wrapping up production on my 2012 weddings, designing my 2013 weddings, meeting amazing new clients/vendors, and working on an extra special web development project (anybody notice my blogging absence…?).

Rue is a fabulous online lifestyle magazine that provides countless inspiration for home furnishings, attire, and entertaining. And after over two years of creating bi-monthly magazines, they asked me to develop a brand new website dedicated to delivering daily sources for all things inspiring. I am so incredibly happy with the end result. The site is already jam-packed with great articles, so carve out some time today to dig in and enjoy the new site!

A big thank you to Crystal and Maia for being so great to work with!


Wedding Awards

Wedding Stationery via

Gold Bar Signs: SMP /
Laser Cut Menus: Oh So Beautiful Paper /
Gold Calligraphy Invites: Under Consideration

Wedding Stationery via Lovestruck

Calligraphy and Illustrated Invites: Green Wedding Shoes /
Escort Cards wrapped around a tree: OnceWed /
Postcard Invites: Brooklyn Bride /
Outdoorsy Invites: Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Gowns via

Classic Simple Gown: Snippet & Ink /
Light Dress: OnceWed /
Custom Beige Dress: Green Wedding Shoes /
Sheer Neckline: SMP

Wedding Flowers via

Cascading Flowers down Chair: SMP /
Arrangements with fall foliage: SMP

Wedding Decor via

Cozy Fall Venue: Green Wedding Shoes /
Elegant Place Settings: SMP


Wedding Awards

Here’s a little wedding goodness to start your week off:
Wedding Stationery via

Gold Suite: SMP /
Laser Cut Invites: For me, For you /
Leather Menus: 100 Layer Cake

Wedding Gowns via

Textured Gown: SMP /
Floral Dress: For me, For you /
Sheer Sleeves: Once Wed /
Silver Sparkly Corset Dress: Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Flowers via

Ceremony Structure Flowers: SMP /
Orange and Pink: 100 Layer Cake

Wedding Decor via

Fall-colored Table: Green Wedding Shoes /
Garden-Like Reception: Wedding Chicks

Wedding Decor via

Warm Beverage Station: SMP /
Lucite Tables and Chairs: SMP /
Wooden Backdrop: SMP /
Calligraphy Table Settings: OnceWed /
White and Gold: SMP