Art connects us

to our Humanity

and to Each Other

With a process rooted in creative strategy, we design layered celebrations with intentional details.

The Experience

Full-Service Design and Planning

Our approach to design is free from convention and fueled by curiosity.

We are passionate about creating compelling event experiences that are masterfully composed, artfully intimate, and vividly sensorial. Even the most pragmatic touchpoints are visually enriching and meaningful.

Our clients are our primary source of inspiration. By studying the personal qualities of how they live, their entertaining style, and their heartfelt aspirations, a dialogue begins, and a wedding celebration filled with soul and depth takes form.

We work tirelessly to ensure optimal color, scale, texture, and balance are achieved in each design. You will often find us working at our desks with a tape measure, sketchbook, CAD renderings, fabric swatches, and a Pantone color book within arm’s reach.

After design, we move into planning and production, bringing each event to life with the same meticulous planning and personal touch.

We accept a limited number of projects each year, so that we can prioritize communication and customer service. Please fill out our contact form if you would like to learn more about our services.

How it Works

It all starts with you

You’ll remember your day for how it made you and your guests feel. To create just the right event, we always begin the planning process with YOU. We take the time to understand your preferences, priorities, and the unique details of your love story, so that we can craft an experience that feels uniquely you.

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Dialed-in Details

We focus on every tiny detail, so you never have to. From determining spatial flow and timeline to recommending vendors, we present carefully curated choices and expert advice to ensure a smooth and enjoyable planning experience.

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Designed for You

Your beautifully designed celebration comes to life in the nuances of color, texture, ambiance, lighting, and more. We design every event from scratch.

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Be our Guest

When the big day arrives, bask in the glow of the moment. With full-service production, we’ve got everything covered, from logistics to last-minute adjustments and everything else behind the scenes. All you need to do is savor your special day.

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We still have dates available in 2023

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