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J + T – Omaha

The Mytty family was excited to celebrate their 20-year marriage and their family – including their three teenagers and fur-babies – with a backyard vow renewal. They envisioned an intimate and elegant garden party with a touch of glamour. Jennifer’s favorite color, lavender, served as the basis for the color palette, which included cool-tone greens for a nod to the backyard setting, silvery sage for a touch of glamour, and peach and apricot to add warmth and tonal contrast.

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The flowers were arranged in an organic style, including apricot foxglove, lavender garden roses, caramel phlox, mauve ranunculus, butterfly ranunculus, and lavender sweet pea. Even the nursery items for the Mytty’s backyard planters were selected to ensure they were cohesive with the event’s floral design.  

Guests arrived at the Mytty family home and were welcomed with tray-passed champagne served with custom cocktail napkins printed with an illustration of the family at one of their favorite locations, Johnson Lake. The playful illustration added a personal touch to the event, setting the tone for the intimate celebration of love and family.

A handsome sailcloth tent draped with linen was built in the family’s backyard, creating an elegant and inviting space for the celebration. Guests entered the tent under a charming scalloped-edge. The tent entrance included a collection of flowers and plants arranged in wicker baskets for a casual but elegant feeling. The attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the design, even down to the guests’ escort cards. Because of the intimate guest count, the escort cards were tray-passed and decoupaged with Italian paper, layered with a lavender calligraphed escort card, and secured with a petite wax seal bearing the family’s monogram.

Special attention was paid to how the diverse color palette was applied and dispersed underneath the tent. A custom French-scallop valance in peach fabric, trimmed with oyster grey, added warmth to the expansive canvas tent. Lush garlands of silvery-sage eleaganus vine and blush wisteria were suspended across the tent canopy to tie in the valance color and emphasize the height of the tent and its expansive wooden mast poles. The design was a perfect blend of elegance, warmth, and casual charm, creating an intimate and inviting space for the guests to celebrate the Mytty family’s love story.

A built-in 10-foot bar was installed on the far end of the tent, anchoring the space. The bar was painted a genteel blue-green with a subtle gray cast to further incorporate the sage color into the tent. The impressive bar shelving was lined with a metallic silver wallpaper with a vine design, creating a beautiful backdrop for framed family photos, floral accents, and the couple’s favorite wine featuring custom gold foil labels to tie in the event branding.

Jennifer’s signature drink was “The Mytty Marg,” a twist on the classic margarita made with Butterfly Pea Tea to give it a purple color and tie in the event color palette. The drink was garnished with edible flowers, adding a playful and elegant touch to the drink.

Trey chose the classic Jack and coke as his signature cocktail, but to add some personality, we named it “The Mighty Mytty,” a reference to the couple’s meet-cute at a bar. Jennifer was immediately smitten with Trey, but when he gave her his name and number, she was worried about how to pronounce his last name. She had a feeling she might someday take Trey’s last name and secretly hoped it wasn’t pronounced as “mighty.” She was relieved when she called Trey, and he confirmed the pronunciation. The playful story behind the signature drink added a personal and charming touch to the celebration.

Jennifer wanted the dining experience to feel like a family gathering, so two long tables were arranged down the tent to create a sense of intimacy and togetherness. The tables were a balance of organic and glam finishes, with white linen embroidered with sage-colored leaves that complemented the vine motif on the bar shelving. Diamond-back chairs provided an elegant silhouette for guest dining, while the raw wooden finish tied into the backyard setting. Long wooden boxes filled with lush arrangements created a runner of color down the tables and were juxtaposed by metallic votives interspersed into the centerpieces. Place settings included white charger plates with a feminine scalloped edge, lilac ceramic plates that contributed to the event’s organic vibe while tying in the color palette, and lucite and gold faceted flatware that added a glamorous accent to the tables. The Czech Crystal stemware cut with a delicate five-point star was selected as a reference to the Mytty’s five-person family. Floral letterpress dinner menus outlined the four-course menu starting with individual charcuterie plates and ending with a duo tart featuring His and Her flavors.

The open-air vow renewal took place after dinner at dusk to take advantage of optimal natural lighting. The stone paver aisle was lined with organically arranged floral. Simple wooden benches enhanced the intimacy of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, guests danced underneath the stars, accompanied by the same band that performed at Jennifer and Trey’s wedding 20 years ago. Trey surprised Jennifer with a heartwarming special performance of a song he wrote for her, bringing the celebration of their love story full circle. The evening was filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories, a true testament to the power of love and family.


M + W – Palm Springs

The design concept for Morgan and Wilson’s wedding was crafted to honor the unique surroundings, merging the Eldorado Country Club’s iconic mid-century desert modernism with Morgan’s desire for a timeless and lush garden party.

The design focused on embracing the venue’s existing finishes, allowing the decor to accentuate and harmonize with the club’s aesthetic. By carefully layering textures and introducing understated hues, the design aimed to infuse the contemporary environment with an inviting warmth and vibrancy.

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Careful spatial planning ensured that every part of the celebration offered guests a clear view of the Santa Rosa Mountains, making the stunning landscape an integral part of the event’s ambiance.

As guests arrived for the pre-ceremony, they were welcomed with champagne served under a shaded pergola. Vintage Palm Springs postcards with personal notes from the couple doubled as table assignments, giving a personalized welcome.

The ceremony was set under the protective cover of the club’s porte cochere. The ceremony design utilized the venue’s architecture to frame the natural beauty of the surrounding palm trees and water features. Rattan chairs and a large woven carpet lined the aisle and camouflaged the mixed flooring. White delphinium was selected to adorn the aisle, providing a sleek and contemporary visual that subtly echoed the radial patterns of Yucca plants and other desert vegetation. The arrangement’s singular bloom approach lent a crisp appearance, yet maintained a soft, romantic ambiance. Additionally, florals were suspended from the archway at the entrance, gently softening the architectural feature and creating an intimate frame around the couple.As a practical touch, guests received paper fans with mini programs attached to stay cool.

The dinner on the back terrace was timed perfectly with sunset, offering guests a comfortable setting to enjoy the mountain views in the soft evening light. Table settings were simple, with a focus on layered textures that stood out against the floral arrangements. The chosen flatware and wooden chairs paid homage to mid-century design.

Music from a live ensemble filled the lower terrace, set against a backdrop of carefully placed florals that softened the space and defined the performance area.

Across the terrace, a custom bar with mid-century design elements served drinks without disrupting the view. When it was time to dance, guests moved inside where the furniture and live band played off the venue’s rich woods and reflective surfaces, creating an inviting atmosphere for dancing. To end the evening, the couple made a memorable exit accompanied by a spectacle of cold spark fountains.


B + D – Omaha

Brittany and Drew were married at the Botanical Gardens. Their wedding was designed with elegant simplicity . Each selection was chosen for its refined beauty and subtle romantic undertones. Their color palette embraced the wedding’s setting with verdant, earth-toned colors that crafted a deeply rooted ambiance.

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Flowers took center stage in this botanical celebration. Ivory blossoms were set against rich, textured greens, punctuated with soft blue and mocha tones for contrast.

Guests either strolled or took trams through the botanical gardens, a fitting preview of the wedding’s nature theme. Beneath a natural canopy of trees, the ceremony offered both visual intimacy and shade. The existing paved path became the wedding aisle, with floral touches adorning the chairs to enhance its charm. Musicians, set beside a trickling water feature, added a soothing background note.

Post-ceremony, guests were treated to a cocktail hour in the Victorian Gardens with live music, before proceeding to the reception via tram.

Fulfilling the bride’s vision, overhead lighting brought a soft glow to the reception. Decorative supports, finished in a warm bronze to complement the wooden dining tables, held the lights. The eye was instinctively drawn upwards by the strategic placement of decorative baskets, while the room shimmered under a dense blanket of delicate string lights.

Dark-stained wooden tables paired with bentwood chairs highlighted the light floral arrangements. The absence of table linens was balanced by textured centerpiece vessels. Pears and tomatillos, adding a rustic touch, mingled with the family-style food presentation items. Modern yet inviting table settings were achieved with sage green ceramic china, paired with pewter flatware and warm-hued glassware.

The stationery combined modern design with soft color tones, enhanced by letterpress printing for added texture.

The dance floor, conveniently placed between the bar and lounge, served as a gathering point. Around it, soft seating arrangements were complemented by ceramic vessels filled with blooms. The bar, enhanced by a backdrop of floral arrangements, provided a visual counterpoint.

A four-tier cake, finished in light blue buttercream, showcased edible flowers in the wedding’s color scheme.

Under a canopy of lights, guests celebrated Brittany and Drew’s union, marking a night of merriment and shared memories.


E + M – Omaha

Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding celebration took place in the Schimmel Ballroom at The Cottonwood Hotel. The traditional ballroom was converted into a garden-like atmosphere, where guests felt as if they were surrounded by nature.

The color palette chosen for this wedding was a combination of soft lavenders and mauve tones, which brought a gentle and feminine touch to the event. To balance the color scheme, charcoal and iron shades were incorporated, adding a grounded and masculine presence.

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The floral arrangements played a significant role in creating the garden-inspired setting. Designed in a romantic and organic style, the selection of flowers included garden roses, Dalmatian foxglove, jasmine vine, clematis, and white campanula, the national flower of the groom’s home country of Sweden.

The seating assignment display was designed to appear as an integral part of the venue’s architecture, adding an element of surprise and delight to the celebration. This custom-built feature showcased faceted paper butterflies, each carrying the name of a guest along with their designated table assignment. The butterflies appeared to flutter effortlessly across a trellis adorned with climbing greens, creating a whimsical yet elegant display for guests to admire upon arrival.

The backdrop for this unique display was a tasteful stone-colored wallpaper, which echoed the richly coffered ceilings of the Schimmel Ballroom. The wallpaper’s crisscrossing beams and stylized florettes in charcoal tones further emphasized the wedding design’s harmonious blend of masculine and feminine elements.

To elevate the overall aesthetic of the space, an antique mirror was placed strategically over the venue’s fireplace hearth at the base of the seating display. This glamorous accent enhanced the venue’s timeless elegance.

Incorporating greenery and floral-covered chandelier structures was an essential element in bringing the garden-quality to the formal ballroom setting. These stunning chandeliers featured an abundance of greenery and flowers, exuding the essence of a lush, outdoor garden while retaining the sophistication of the ballroom.

We meticulously positioned the chandeliers to serve dual purposes during the wedding celebration. Initially, they were perfectly aligned over the ceremony aisle, casting a warm and welcoming glow on Elizabeth and Martin as they exchanged their vows. Later, as the venue was seamlessly transformed for the reception, the chandeliers hovered elegantly above the guest dining tables, providing an enchanting and intimate atmosphere.

To further enhance the garden-inspired design, glamorous globe and drum-style crystal chandeliers were suspended from the iron structures. These exquisite lighting fixtures not only illuminated the space but also added a touch of refinement and luxury to the entire event, making Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

For the ceremony, the design focused on simplicity and elegance. Three arches at the altar provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s nuptials while maintaining continuity with the vine-covered structures lining the aisle. The charcoal aisle runner and simple round dias added a sense of depth and grounding to the space, creating leading lines that drew guests’ attention towards the couple as they exchanged their vows at the altar.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, guests were ushered to the cocktail hour, where they were treated to a refreshing white negroni sbagliato. This delightful summer cocktail was garnished with a branded orange rind, adding a personal touch to the celebration. The cocktail hour provided an opportunity for guests to mingle and share in the couple’s joy, as they eagerly awaited the reception.

To further elevate the guest experience, passed appetizers and cocktails were presented on elegant white trays. These trays were thoughtfully lined with the same stone-colored wallpaper used for the seating assignment display, tying together the various design elements and creating a sense of cohesion throughout the event.

As guests entered the reception area for dinner, they were greeted by elegantly set tables featuring light gray linens adorned with ivory floral embroidery. The monochromatic place settings added subtle texture to the tables, creating a visually appealing dining experience.

Chargers with pavé pewter rims and distressed silver flatware contributed visual weight and masculinity to the table settings, while dinnerware featuring intricate lace designs softened the overall look.

Custom chair covers, decorated with embroidered overlapping circles, added another layer of sophistication to the dining tables. The pattern was thoughtfully chosen to reference the floral wreaths worn during Sweden’s midsummer celebrations, paying homage to the groom’s cultural roots.

Centerpieces, lush and artfully arranged in earthy vessels, served as the focal point of the tablescapes. Colored tapers in glamorous crystal candlesticks and low candlelight from mercury votives danced down the tables, casting a warm and romantic glow throughout the room.

The attention to detail extended to the grey velvet table numbers, which were nestled into the centerpieces, and the custom die-cut dinner menus, which incorporated the lattice pattern and butterfly motif from the seating assignment display. These thoughtful touches ensured that Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding dinner was an unforgettable experience for all in attendance

The reception bar showcased traditional decorative millwork and was painted in a pale gray-green hue, adding a touch of variation to the other gray elements used throughout the celebration. The back bar shelving was beautifully adorned with crawling greenery, enhancing the garden-inspired atmosphere.

Cocktail napkins at the bar were printed with “Skål” (cheers in Swedish) and a floral emblem, paying tribute to the groom’s cultural heritage and adding a personal touch to the celebration.

To further honor the groom’s Swedish background, a late-night candy display was incorporated into the reception. A custom Lördagsgodis (Saturday Sweets) candy cart was designed for guests to indulge in throughout the evening. Martin, the groom, personally selected his favorite treats from back home to share with loved ones on this special occasion.

From the cart awning to the treat bags and custom aprons, the candy cart was thoughtfully decorated in bright blues and golden yellows, inspired by the colors of the Swedish flag.

This delightful fusion of garden elegance and cultural elements made Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding reception an extraordinary and memorable event for all who attended.


T + T – Palmetto Bluff

Talia and Tyler’s friends and family gathered for an unforgettable wedding weekend at The Montage, a riverside resort in coastal South Carolina.

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Festivities commenced at Moreland Landing, situated on the May River. Guests, dressed in tropical elegant attire, enjoyed a Low Country Boil featuring a traditional oyster roast. A punchy color palette of citron, grass green, and lavender was balanced with raw textures to complement the beach setting. We added variety in the dining area by combining wooden farm tables with citron-yellow palm leaf patterned table runners and round tables with floor-length linens in the same pattern. Patio bulbs suspended above dining spaces contributed to the gathering’s rustic charm. Textural centerpieces with tropical blooms and woven candle vessels created a casual and inviting atmosphere, while guests enjoyed food stations and pristine water views.

Inspired by the interiors of Ruby Ross Wood and Rose Commings, Talia and Tyler wanted to create a decadent and whimsical celebration for their wedding guests. The wedding design centered around Eccentric Glamour, creating a fantastical setting that felt both unconventional and the enchanting.

The ceremony took place at the idyllic Somerset Chapel. A subdued palette of whites and soft metallics created an ethereal atmosphere for the nuptials. A grand chuppah adorned with baby’s breath served as the chapel’s focal point, paying homage to the bride’s parents and the flowers from their wedding. The chuppah was positioned to allow the ornate chandelier to suspend above the couple during the ceremony.

The reception tent was constructed on the Village Green, overlooking the May River. The seating assignment display was nestled into the Wilson Mansion ruins that grace the expansive lawn and contribute to the rich history of the area. The escort display was designed to complement the setting. An oversized metal garden arch added visual weight to balance the ruin’s stone columns and brick foundation while its hollow silhouette referenced the deteriorated mansion remains. Artful floral added a lively contrast to the frame. Inspired by a historical wallpaper design, ornate paper cards were tiled across the wooden wall that sat in the middle of the frame. Paper medallions and decorative brass tacks added dimension.

Inspired by Rose Commings’ penchant for bold colors, we introduced a dramatic color palette in the reception tent. The tent was anchored with bronze velvet drapery along the walls, and a crisp blue valance created complementary color harmony throughout the expansive tent.

Lush draping partitions trimmed with gold fringe delineated three distinct event areas, encouraging exploration and movement.

Guests entered the parlour, greeted by Parisian Jazz musicians on custom platforms adorned with gilded laser-cut patterns from the invitation suite. Verdant trees formed a canopy above banquettes, while glamorous vintage-style chandeliers hung over plush seating areas.

The dance floor and oversized bar, the party’s nucleus, were placed at the tent’s center and draped in periwinkle velvet, contrasting with the bronze wall drapes in the parlour and dining room, while connecting to the blue furniture and table linen.

An Austrian drape provided an opulent backdrop for the band stage, and the dance floor featured a marble-finish pattern. Suspended flowers in daring raspberry and magenta hues created vertical movement. A three-sided wooden bar, backed by gold-trim shelving and antique mirrors, displayed eclectic books, vases, floral arrangements, candlelight, and a curated collection of “chic oddities” – symbolic curiosities that references the couple’s alma maters, family history and sentimental landmarks. The items added to the wedding’s weird and wonderful aesthetic and created talking points as guests considered the different objects’ meanings while they enjoyed the celebration.

Massive chandeliers, consistent with those in the parlour, hung in the dining area. Decorative laser-cut AC louvres disguised air conditioning units while adding elegance. Sapphire velvet damask linen and black round-back chairs graced guest tables, while decorative presentation china and menu scrolls added whimsy. Table numbers in a charming toile de Jouy motif nestled into centerpieces, and eclectic candlelight created a romantic glow.

The ceremonial cutting cake adorned with ornate piping and edible pearls, atop a charming bar cart. A miniature candelabra on the cake enhanced the reception’s whimsical nature. Following dinner, guests enjoyed vanilla chiffon layer cake and espresso martinis.

After an energy-packed dance set, the band changed up the tempo with a surprise performance and ushered guests through a tunnel of cold sparks to the after party across the street. Celestial video-mapping and blue and green soft seating areas created a cosmic atmosphere for the after party. Wedding guests packed the dance floor for the DJ and ensemble of musicians. Late-night comfort food and libations carried the revelers through the conclusion of the celebration.

A surprise performance led guests through a tunnel of cold sparks to an afterparty with celestial video-mapping and soft seating areas. The DJ and musicians energized the dance floor, while late-night comfort food and libations fueled the revelers until the party’s conclusion.

The following morning, guests joined the newlyweds on the Sunrise Lawn for a brunch. Farewells and memories from previous days were shared before guests departed, their hearts filled with joy.


G + P – Omaha

Grace and Peter’s wedding design captured the charm and elegance of Central Park’s iconic Bow Bridge, a sentimental landmark for the couple. The Classical Greek style of the bridge, along with gothic and neoclassical influences, provided the guiding theme for this event, seamlessly blending with an autumnal color palette. Interlocking circles, arabesques, and scrolling details, borrowed from the bridge’s design, were woven into the decor.

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The wedding ceremony was held under a clear tent on the picturesque front lawn of Happy Hollow Club. The tent was adorned with sky blue canopy panels and draped with lush greenery, capturing the essence of an idyllic park stroll. An innovative “ceremony in the round” layout ensured the couple was lovingly surrounded by family and friends, heightening the intimate ambience. The couple stood on a floral-accented platform under a large suspended floral wreath, further spotlighting their union. Four focal urns, inspired by those on Bow Bridge, distributed the wedding’s autumnal color scheme throughout the tent.

The al fresco cocktail hour took full advantage of Happy Hollow’s pristine grounds. Iron lampposts dotted the landscape, aligning perfectly with our theme, while guests enjoyed live music and relaxed under ivory market umbrellas.

In the dining room, formal walnut chairs were selected as a nod to the Bow Bridge’s Brazilian walnut walkway and added warmth against the charcoal ballroom walls. The place settings, a crucial part of the guest experience, were influenced by the bridge’s bas-relief cast-iron design, incorporating the Mother of the Bride’s love for hosting dinner parties.

In homage to Bow Bridge’s historical significance as the second-oldest cast-iron bridge in the United States, iron and metal finishes were incorporated into the floral vessels, providing a robust counterbalance to the feminine florals. Vintage silver candlesticks and dusty lavender candles added a glowing ambiance to the dining room.

The wedding cake mirrored the pleated design of the china and was embellished with sugar creme brûlée phlox flowers.

The guests returned to the tent for dancing. The tent was illuminated with giant suspended silver lanterns and the floral wreath was repurposed over the statement bar, adorned with laser-cut ornamental foliate patterns. Soft seating in silver and cool grey tones added depth and dimension to the space, rounding out this exquisite, Central Park-inspired wedding design.


C + B – Kansas

As soon as you approached the intimate venue of the Wenger-Kempin wedding, a rich sense of nostalgia hung in the air. The bride, Claire, had dreamt of her wedding day taking place at her beloved grandparent’s home in Sabetha, Kansas. It wasn’t just a house; it was a reservoir of cherished family memories and traditions, a place warmly referred to as ‘Wengerville.’ This endearing name found its way onto the wedding invitations, setting a familial tone for the forthcoming celebration.

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As guests approached the estate, they were greeted by a quaint iron gate that held overhead an old bell. The entrance was adorned with beautiful florals and a sign, inviting guests to announce their arrival with a resonant ring of the “Wedding Bell”, echoing throughout Wengerville.

The Wengers – known and adored by the local community – have always prioritized family. Claire, with her mother and sisters, runs Pink Antlers, a renowned party and gift shop in Kansas City. Their lives are steeped in celebration, hospitality, and tradition, elements that were thoughtfully woven into the wedding design. Personal touches of Pink Antlers whimsy found their way into the stationery, and family roles were deeply integrated into the ceremony – sisters as bridesmaids, a brother-in-law officiating, and the youngest generation embodied in a flower girl and ring bearer.

One sentimental detail that stood out was the story of Claire’s grandfather, Lavon. During an adventurous trip abroad, he had a close encounter with a hippo, a story that had been regaled for generations. So much so, that a stone hippo had found a place of honor in the courtyard fountain. To celebrate this family legend, we incorporated a fun, illustrated hippo holding a “cheers” pennant throughout the wedding design, marking it as a playful wedding mascot. On the wedding day, Claire’s grandmother, Erma, surprised everyone by wearing a hippo broach, a nod to the family’s story.

One tender tradition that particularly tugged at our heartstrings involved Claire’s father. Every time Claire would depart from home, he’d stand in the driveway, displaying the sign for “I love you” in sign language until her car disappeared from sight. In tribute to this loving gesture, we used an illustration of the same sign on the pizza boxes, accompanied by a note from the couple: “We love you more than pizza, and we really love pizza.”

As evening descended, the wedding’s ambience grew even more enchanting. The tent design, a stunning fusion of romantic, soft ruched draping and a clear gable, allowed the captivating sunset and tree canopy to become a part of the wedding’s backdrop. The centerpieces on the tables came to life with candlelight, casting a soft glow on neutral-colored floral arrangements. The high petal-count blooms added an ethereal touch to the entire scene, making one feel as if they were part of a fairy tale.

Thus, every detail of the wedding, large or small, was lovingly designed to embody the essence of family – warm, playful, deeply bonded, and steeped in tradition.


J + D – Omaha

In May of 2019, David proposed to Jill at the JC Nichols Memorial Fountain in Kansas City. That moment became the inspiration for their wedding. Both Joslyn Art Museum and Lauritzen Gardens, their ceremony and reception venues in Omaha, Nebraska, were selected in part for the ornate fountains found within each venue.

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To peak guests’ anticipation for the wedding celebration, we designed the traditional-style invitation with an unexpected color palette that incorporated cool water tones – soft blues, seafoam, deep blue-green – with warm tones to invoke an anticipation of Autumn – crimson, blush, and golden bronze. Our graphic designer created a floral pattern with delicate grout lines to mimic the intricate tile mosaics incorporated into many fountain designs. The pattern was utilized throughout the wedding design including the envelope liner of the invitation.

Guests were greeted with champagne and petite ceremony programs secured with handmade silk ribbon as they walked up Joslyn Art Museum’s grand staircase to the ceremony.

The fountain in the Storz Fountain Court at the Joslyn serves as the room’s centerpiece. Moravian floor tiles include symbols for literature, music, architecture, and painting – all passions of George Joslyn to whom the building is dedicated. Hand-crafted ceramic tiles and a thunderbird motif adorn the fountain.

To complete the ceremony design, we brought in warm fruitwood chairs, linen-like draping to soften the venue’s tile and marble, and a raised altar accented with floral. Jill and David’s entourage of flower girls and ring bearers tossed pennies and warm wishes for the bride and groom into the fountain as they processed up the aisle.

Lauritzen Gardens, the reception site, has several water features on display. The fountain, situated outside the front doors of the visitor center is a tribute to Helena Street who launched the idea to build the botanical gardens in 1982.

We created two main focal areas in the Gardens for cocktail hour. The lower level of The Floral Display Hall featured a 14 foot diameter custom round bar painted a deep Rocky River green and inset with custom wallpaper panels. The round bar shelf housed glassware and supported a dramatic floral arrangement. The far end of the Hall was anchored by the band’s stage built under a custom wooden pergola that was painted to match the bar. Fresh floral and green vines were arranged on the pergola to give it a natural, garden-like feel.

The opposite end of The Floral Display Hall featured a massive custom wall with shelving for the escort display. The shelves were inset with wallpaper to complement the bar. Intricate escort cards were embellished with handmade mini flower bouquets that added depth and delicacy to the calligraphy table assignments. Two soft seating areas were positioned in front of the escort display to create an intimate and cozy area for guests to converse and take a break from the dance floor. Chocolate pennies in an antique compote were placed on a side table as a whimsical nod to the fountain inspiration.

The dining tables were dressed in a light blue linen with embroidered flourishes that resembled water shooting out from a fountain. Formal place settings included gold accents, and velvet table numbers complemented the ornate shape of the presentation plates.

Guests returned to The Floral Display Hall for dancing. As an entertaining surprise for guests, hawking trays with embroidered ribbon straps were filled with mini pizzas packaged in letterpress boxes.

It was a memorable evening that the couple waited over 26 months to celebrate!