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Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding celebration took place in the Schimmel Ballroom at The Cottonwood Hotel. The traditional ballroom was converted into a garden-like atmosphere, where guests felt as if they were surrounded by nature.

The color palette chosen for this wedding was a combination of soft lavenders and mauve tones, which brought a gentle and feminine touch to the event. To balance the color scheme, charcoal and iron shades were incorporated, adding a grounded and masculine presence.

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The floral arrangements played a significant role in creating the garden-inspired setting. Designed in a romantic and organic style, the selection of flowers included garden roses, Dalmatian foxglove, jasmine vine, clematis, and white campanula, the national flower of the groom’s home country of Sweden.

The seating assignment display was designed to appear as an integral part of the venue’s architecture, adding an element of surprise and delight to the celebration. This custom-built feature showcased faceted paper butterflies, each carrying the name of a guest along with their designated table assignment. The butterflies appeared to flutter effortlessly across a trellis adorned with climbing greens, creating a whimsical yet elegant display for guests to admire upon arrival.

The backdrop for this unique display was a tasteful stone-colored wallpaper, which echoed the richly coffered ceilings of the Schimmel Ballroom. The wallpaper’s crisscrossing beams and stylized florettes in charcoal tones further emphasized the wedding design’s harmonious blend of masculine and feminine elements.

To elevate the overall aesthetic of the space, an antique mirror was placed strategically over the venue’s fireplace hearth at the base of the seating display. This glamorous accent enhanced the venue’s timeless elegance.

Incorporating greenery and floral-covered chandelier structures was an essential element in bringing the garden-quality to the formal ballroom setting. These stunning chandeliers featured an abundance of greenery and flowers, exuding the essence of a lush, outdoor garden while retaining the sophistication of the ballroom.

We meticulously positioned the chandeliers to serve dual purposes during the wedding celebration. Initially, they were perfectly aligned over the ceremony aisle, casting a warm and welcoming glow on Elizabeth and Martin as they exchanged their vows. Later, as the venue was seamlessly transformed for the reception, the chandeliers hovered elegantly above the guest dining tables, providing an enchanting and intimate atmosphere.

To further enhance the garden-inspired design, glamorous globe and drum-style crystal chandeliers were suspended from the iron structures. These exquisite lighting fixtures not only illuminated the space but also added a touch of refinement and luxury to the entire event, making Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

For the ceremony, the design focused on simplicity and elegance. Three arches at the altar provided a stunning backdrop for the couple’s nuptials while maintaining continuity with the vine-covered structures lining the aisle. The charcoal aisle runner and simple round dias added a sense of depth and grounding to the space, creating leading lines that drew guests’ attention towards the couple as they exchanged their vows at the altar.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, guests were ushered to the cocktail hour, where they were treated to a refreshing white negroni sbagliato. This delightful summer cocktail was garnished with a branded orange rind, adding a personal touch to the celebration. The cocktail hour provided an opportunity for guests to mingle and share in the couple’s joy, as they eagerly awaited the reception.

To further elevate the guest experience, passed appetizers and cocktails were presented on elegant white trays. These trays were thoughtfully lined with the same stone-colored wallpaper used for the seating assignment display, tying together the various design elements and creating a sense of cohesion throughout the event.

As guests entered the reception area for dinner, they were greeted by elegantly set tables featuring light gray linens adorned with ivory floral embroidery. The monochromatic place settings added subtle texture to the tables, creating a visually appealing dining experience.

Chargers with pavé pewter rims and distressed silver flatware contributed visual weight and masculinity to the table settings, while dinnerware featuring intricate lace designs softened the overall look.

Custom chair covers, decorated with embroidered overlapping circles, added another layer of sophistication to the dining tables. The pattern was thoughtfully chosen to reference the floral wreaths worn during Sweden’s midsummer celebrations, paying homage to the groom’s cultural roots.

Centerpieces, lush and artfully arranged in earthy vessels, served as the focal point of the tablescapes. Colored tapers in glamorous crystal candlesticks and low candlelight from mercury votives danced down the tables, casting a warm and romantic glow throughout the room.

The attention to detail extended to the grey velvet table numbers, which were nestled into the centerpieces, and the custom die-cut dinner menus, which incorporated the lattice pattern and butterfly motif from the seating assignment display. These thoughtful touches ensured that Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding dinner was an unforgettable experience for all in attendance

The reception bar showcased traditional decorative millwork and was painted in a pale gray-green hue, adding a touch of variation to the other gray elements used throughout the celebration. The back bar shelving was beautifully adorned with crawling greenery, enhancing the garden-inspired atmosphere.

Cocktail napkins at the bar were printed with “Skål” (cheers in Swedish) and a floral emblem, paying tribute to the groom’s cultural heritage and adding a personal touch to the celebration.

To further honor the groom’s Swedish background, a late-night candy display was incorporated into the reception. A custom Lördagsgodis (Saturday Sweets) candy cart was designed for guests to indulge in throughout the evening. Martin, the groom, personally selected his favorite treats from back home to share with loved ones on this special occasion.

From the cart awning to the treat bags and custom aprons, the candy cart was thoughtfully decorated in bright blues and golden yellows, inspired by the colors of the Swedish flag.

This delightful fusion of garden elegance and cultural elements made Elizabeth and Martin’s wedding reception an extraordinary and memorable event for all who attended.


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