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Our Engagement Photos

Our Engagement Photos

Although we had our pictures taken a lot later than most engaged couples, I think our decision to wait allowed us enough time to come up with a concept that really showcased our relationship, and we were able to find Brighten Photography which perfectly complements our style. Ben and Whitney of Brighten effortlessly work together as if they can read each others minds, and they make the entire process so much fun. (You can see us hysterically laughing in a lot of our pictures.)

As a wedding planner, I have seen a lot of creative engagement sessions. I knew I wanted a lifestyle shoot rather than posed portraits because I wanted the photos to capture how Rich and I interact. I also knew this photography style would help me overcome my camera shyness.

Brighten took our pictures as Rich and I browsed the Lincoln Farmer’s Market. We chose this location because it’s important to us to reduce our carbon footprint and cook with local and fresh ingredients as much as possible.

Omaha, Nebraskas Wedding Planner engagement_farmers_market
Omaha, Nebraskas Wedding Planner engagement_market

Ben of Brighten chose our second location. He helped us “MacGyver” our way into an old school building. Most of the building had been refinished, but the auditorium and gym hadn’t been touched. They looked like they had been frozen in time.

Omaha, Nebraskas Wedding Planner auditorium_engagement
Omaha, Nebraskas Wedding Planner school_engagement
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  • Katey

    August 19, 2011 at 7:14 pm

    Ahhh… these are great! Love that you had them taken at the farmers market. I am also a fan of lifestyle shoots rather than posed and primped. Being yourself and normal, gives such a better representation of a couple’s love.