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S + T – Omaha

S + T – Omaha

Stephanie and Travis were married right on the cusp of Spring. When they chose their March wedding date, we knew that The Midwest wouldn’t have a chance to green up before their nuptials, so we transformed their indoor wedding venue and designed their celebration to excite their wedding guests for the warmer temperatures and delicate blooms that Spring would soon bring.

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Their color palette played a huge role in visually representing the transition into Spring. The palette was largely made up of the soft, delicate colors you would find in the Springtime: dusty pink, spring green and latte. We added in accents of rust and amber, deeper tones that symbolize Winter. This beautiful palette was expertly applied in the flower arrangements. Textural collections of hellebore, sweetpea, spirea, and garden roses were arranged so they appeared to be sprouting out of matte ceramic bowls.

The wedding design included modern elements to evoke the feeling of a crisp, Spring morning. We brought in various acrylic pieces to emphasize that modernity while providing a textural transition to the crystal chandeliers which were permanent fixtures in the wedding venue. Large-scale installations wow’d the wedding guests as they entered the venue. An oversized acrylic seating assignment board featured flowers and greens growing over six feet behind it. Huge mounds of spirea and spring foliage were arranged so they appeared to be shooting up from acrylic pedestals on the ceremony altar. A custom dessert cart featured mini desserts like macarons, fruit tarts, cake shooters, champagne gummy bears, and artful petit fours. The dance floor was highlighted by a canopy of greens and crystal dew drops growing out from a large crystal chandelier hung in the center.