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01. | Proven Expertise

Expect white glove service from a team with over 12 years of experience producing large-scale productions from coast to coast. Beyond comprehensive design plans, we offer tailor-made visuals, life-like mockups and renderings, and a team of craftsmen and project managers that seamlessly turns digital designs into real-life marvels.

We specialize in: floral, fabric, lighting, art & graphics, furnishings, and custom fabrications

02. | Creative Strategy

At the heart of every event lies a story waiting to unfold. We don’t just design beautiful events, we create sensational experiences rooted in authenticity and creative strategy.

In order to design with intention, depth, and meaning, we deeply connect with what’s important to you, focusing not just on the ‘what,’ but the profound ‘why’ behind it. 

03. | Our undivided attention

Crafting a memorable wedding takes more than just ideas – it demands time, dedication, and heart. This is why we limit our event bookings each year. We’re committed to giving your celebration the time and attention it truly deserves, ensuring you experience our very best.

04. | Commitment to Excellence

We live by the principle of “no assumptions, no shortcuts.” Crafting an intimate event means diving deep into the details. We explore every design avenue, refine each specification, and thoughtfully consider the impact of each design element on the guest experience.

05. | Seamless Communication 

Open, honest, and timely communication runs in our DNA. We are your planner’s steadfast partners, consistently delivering and surpassing expectations. Our streamlined project management system ensures detailed documentation and decision history at each design stage. 

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Behind the Scenes

It’s all in the Details

Custom Fabrication Process

Strategic Spatial Planning

Design Elevations

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“They designed a wedding beyond my wildest dreams. I will never forget seeing the reception with my mom for the first time. We were brought to tears in amazement of what they created.”


Our Process

For designs that truly resonate and captivate, embark on this journey with us


Discovering the Vision

Every great design begins with understanding. We delve deep into your narrative, aspirations, preferences, and heritage. Our design compass is your story, and we’re passionate about translating that into a memorable event design.



Decision-making thrives in clarity. Utilizing research and creative strategy, we curate high-level design concepts. Initially, we paint with broad strokes, capturing the overarching vision and design strategy. Upon receiving your approval, we meticulously refine, attending to every intricate detail.



Taking cues from your feedback, we devise a comprehensive design plan. Our presentations offer a vivid journey, detailing how the special day will unfold in look and feel. Yet, this journey thrives on collaboration. We invite feedback, ensuring every facet is aligned with your envisioned dream for your special day.



As the wedding day approaches, we solidify custom elements. Detailed sketches, immersive renderings, and material selections come together, leaving no room for ambiguity.



When the celebration arrives, know that our dedicated team is right by your planner’s side, seamlessly managing the production schedule and guiding the creative crew. To us, every task, big or small, holds meaning. We’re here to ensure that every moment unfolds as planned, championing the success of your event with heart and dedication.

Artful Transformations

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“Every detail had a meaning and purpose behind it. Their meticulous attention to detail and purposeful design choices truly elevated the entire experience. I couldn’t be more pleased with the whole process!”



Behind the Scenes Continued

Because we know you love details as much as we do

Bringing the Outdoors In

Lego Lovers Escort Display

Celebrating Cultural Influences

Personalized Details


Mother of the Bride

“Candace and Lindsay were amazing! We cannot thank them enough for making sure our daughter’s wedding dreams came true! Nothing was left to chance, every detail better than the last.”




“Our wedding day to us was perfect. If we could have described what it might look like, it came out just like that. Someone in our family even called it a “wedding that you only dream about.”


– Drew