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May 2013

FAQ: Manager vs. Planner

Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings

I have been wanting to start a blog column that addresses a lot of the questions I get from potential and current clients. This “FAQ” column would cover pricing methods, planning processes, client interactions, vendors, etc.

As you can tell from my long blogging absence, my time has been booked up with planning and designing weddings as well as remodeling our home. When I came across Kathy Remero’s post about the differences between a manager and a planner – I knew I had to share this valuable information with all of my readers. I highlighted some of Kathy’s key points below, but please read her entire post here.

The Differences Between a Manager and a Planner (excerpts from Kathy Remero)

One of the things I love most about working in the wedding industry is that it is filled with unbelievable talent and people with remarkable dedication. That said, experience has shown me that most of our talents are not interchangeable. Personally, I find it interesting