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Outfitted: Groom's Attire

Outfitted: Groom's Attire

I always perceived men’s formal wear to be limited and boring. Other than the plaid suit my friend’s date wore to senior prom, most suits and tuxes I had seen worn were poorly styled and in shades of black, gray or white (cringe). My interest and curiosity for men’s fashion was perked once I was introduced to the well groomed man through JCrew catalogs and blogs like The Sartorialist. I am truly in awe of any man with great style simply because I think it’s a hard skill to master.

Rich was completely disinterested in fashion for the first few years we dated. He would have rather worn one of his five pairs of high school basketball shorts with a cotton t-shirt than fitted jeans and a button up, but with some mysterious shift in the universe, he became intrigued. True to form, Rich began methodically researching men’s fashion. One of his favorite resources is Put This On. Jesse and Adam really know their stuff stuff, and I always read their blog posts and watch their video series when I have a men’s style quandary.

When planning our wedding, the grooms and groomsmen attire completely threw me for a loop. There are surprisingly a lot of rules to follow when dressing a man. Read this article for some help, and check out the inspiration below.

{a href="http://www.tumblr.com/dashboard/10/6653925430?lite" target="_blank"}Image: Tumblr{/a}

I had to include this picture of a smartly dressed kitty. I’d allow any cat this finely dressed to come to my wedding (although Rich might not agree with me).

So now you tell me: What resources do you use for men’s fashion? Or how did you select your groom’s attire for your wedding?

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