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Outfitted: Wedding Guest Attire

Outfitted: Wedding Guest Attire

When deciding what to wear to a wedding, take into consideration the season, wedding location, time of day, and style of the reception. Guest attire guidelines include suggestions ranging from an informal daytime celebration to a formal evening affair. If the wedding invitation doesn’t specifically state the attire (Casual, Formal, Black Tie, etc) take note of the invitation’s typography, style and language choice.

When attending an evening wedding, guests should choose clothing similar to what they’d wear for a dinner or event out. Men are expected to wear suits unless the invite specifies black tie. Women should dress in sophisticated attire and carry an evening bag rather than a purse.

Requests for casual attire can be the most confusing. When in doubt, ask the couple or the wedding planner, and always err on the side of overdressing. Women can wear a skirt with a blouse or a casual dress. Try to avoid rich fabrics and trims that look too glitzy.

Although the old rule of avoiding white still holds true, black has become an acceptable color to wear as long as the clothing item is in an ornate rather than somber style. Think about punching up the black with colorful pins, jewelry or scarves. Stay away from jeans, revealing styles and torn/stained clothing. If your dress is sleeveless/strapless and the ceremony is held in a church, bring a cardigan or wrap to cover your shoulders.

For a full list of wedding attire suggestions, check out Emily Post’s (the queen of etiquette) guidelines.

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