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Our Philosophy

We believe in crafting an engaging and memorable journey leading up to your celebration. Our design approach is driven by curiosity, embracing the blank canvas as an opportunity for innovation and creative strategy. Through collaborative efforts and our commitment to excellence, we prioritize discovery, connecting with clients to craft authentic and immersive experiences that culminate in unforgettable celebrations.

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What we Offer

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For Planners

Partner with us to provide design and production services for your wedding clients. We’ll elevate your vision with creative strategy and proven expertise.


For Couples

Take our hand as we guide you through our comprehensive wedding planning process. With over a decade of expertise designing events nationwide, rest assured every detail will seamlessly come together well before your special day.

You won’t find cookie-cutter designs or uninspired trends here. Instead, you’ll discover celebrations where each and every element was designed with intention, depth and meaning.

“Everything I dreamed of and more”

“They listened to me every step of the way, gracefully handled all of the opinions and ideas being thrown at them, and somehow crafted every minute of this magical day into a unique experience that was everything I dreamed of and more.”


About Us

Lovestruck Events

A Unique Take on Weddings


There is, in fact, a right way to design a wedding. A way that results in a highly personal celebration, and that won’t cause you or your family to spend the next year in misery.

It’s the Lovestruck way: A robust process refined over the last decade that guarantees a beautiful end result.

It starts with design. Continues with logistics. And ends with an unforgettable wedding experience both you and your guests will enjoy.

And while our process is the framework for every wedding,
the end result is always unique.

“I was completely shocked.”

“We talked heavily about all the details and to see it all come true was breathtaking.”