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Happy Weekend

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This weekend’s weather is suppose to be really nice, but I can’t wait for the temperature to drop a few degrees so I have another excuse to snuggle with the hubby. We’re helping our good friends move this weekend, and I’ll be finishing the website (yippee!) and sorting through all of the beautiful pictures Em sent us this week. Here’s to a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday!


0 Business Cards

I have admired Lesley Peterson’s work from the moment I walked past her adorable store front a few years ago. She creates the most beautiful and fun stationary items for numerous brides around the Omaha area, and her letterpress work is 100% original a 1000% amazing. Designing and printing my business cards gave me the first opportunity to work with this talented lady. You can’t tell from the pictures, but the cards are printed on shimmery stardream paper, so you’ll have to see them in person to really see how cute they are.

Check out more of Lesley work at Inclosed Studios here and here.


Wedding Awards (with Video!)

Last week was another beautiful week of weddings. I came across one of the most amazing wedding videos, so I decided to share it below. It’s a little long (and the first part may throw you off), but watch the whole thing. I think you’ll agree that the videographer perfectly captured the couple’s love for each other and their families.

dead hearts: The Wedding of Victoria and Jason Evigan from Lightfield Lewis on Vimeo.


Happy Weekend

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I wanted to include an energizing picture for this Weekend Links post because I’m still bursting with creative energy as I’m really digging into my clients’ weddings. I’m driving back to Omaha tonight to work on the design element’s for my sisters wedding and to find a venue for our top secret wedding event (more information to come!). Have a splendid weekend! See you on Monday!



Ohh I wanna take ya to… Jamaica!

Rich and I decided to take an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean rather than traveling to Europe as we originally planned. We had a great time. We didn’t have any added stress of planning transportation and accommodations around multiple European countries. Jamaica was exactly what we needed. It was the first time (in a very very long time) that I read a book for fun and watched a movie without simultaneously working on my laptop. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in work that I forget how much fun it is to do absolutely nothing.

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner jamaica_water 

Jamaica by the water

We stayed in Negril because our research said it had the best beaches (and no seaweed!). Rich had never been in the ocean, so it was fun to see his reaction to the warm, clear Caribbean water and white sandy beaches. We spent plenty of time floating in the ocean and in the pool, but we also went on a few excursions and tried some of the water sports offered by the resort.

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner jamaica_catamaran 

Catamaran Cruise

I loved our catamaran cruise to the huge cliffs bordering the ocean. We got to jump and slide off the huge boat and swim into caves as bats fluttered over our heads. We also parasailed which provided the best view of Jamaica. It was like being on private hot air balloon tour. I also loved the stand-up paddle boards. I was an expert by the end of the week.

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner jamaica_push_cart 

The Push Cart

The resort provided some great food and drink options as well. I’m not a fan of rum-based drinks, so it took me a while to find my perfect drink among all the rum punches, cuba libres, and pina coladas. Towards the end of the trip, I filled up my complementary Magaritaville cocktail shaker (the only souvenir from our trip…) with delicious blackberry juice served at breakfast so Franklyn, our favorite bartender, could add it to the brut champagne offered at the resort. The juice added the right amount of sweetness for my bubbly cocktail.

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner jamaica_magazine 

In the Hammock

By day five, I started to get amped up for the work I had waiting for me in Omaha. I know I sound absolutely crazy, but I’m working with some really fun clients that have great ideas. My mind is exploding with different designs for their weddings. I was also getting really anxious to sit down and watch a Husker game. I wasn’t able to see any of the first three games because of the wedding/honeymoon, and I need to make our traditional corn pancakes for good luck!

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner jamaica_adventure 


Jamaica gave us time to relax and recharge. I have to cherish the memories of our time there because now that we’re saving for a house, we don’t plan on going on any long vacations in the next two years. Good thing I have a husband that makes life at home fun and adventurous every day!

If any of you are looking to travel to the Caribbean, shoot me an email and I’ll send you my recommendations!


Wedding Awards

Last week’s weddings featured so many beautiful and heartfelt details. Check them out below.


Outfitted: My Bridal Shower in RTR

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner bachelorette_lindsay

Lindsay and Me

I’ve wanted to try Rent the Runway for a long time. My friend, Brett, had success using the designer clothing rental service, so I thought my bridal shower/bachelorette party would be the perfect event to test it out.

The RTR website has a great interface and filter system, and you can even tag your favorite dresses. Once you find a dress that is available on your event date, you can select a backup size for free. Rental costs range from $40 – $200+. The RTR team even calls first-time renters to ask if they have questions.

My dress arrived on time in a black garment bag. Like a netflix rental, the dress came with a pre-paid envelope for easing returning. I chose the Tibi High Tea Dress for it’s soft colors and feminine lace details. The dress fit perfectly. There were a few small stains on one of the sleeves, but my hair covered up most of the imperfections. I’d definitely rent again! How about you, have you ever used RTR or a service like it?

Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner bachelorette_party_color

The Bridal Shower