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Omaha, Nebraska Wedding Planner and Event Designer

Two Years

Two years ago I married my wonderful husband.


Soon after Rich told me he loved me (almost five years ago) and I told him I loved him in return, I realized that statement didn’t feel strong enough to truly express my feelings. When I think about my husband, an overwhelming rush of emotions floods my heart. I tell him I love him all of the time (I proudly wear my heart on my sleeve like my other family members), but I also tell him “You are my favorite” because it’s the only sentiment I have found that most accurately describes how much he means to me. He is my everything. and my clients fuel my creativity and love for problem solving, but Rich grounds me in everything else that I do. He is my favorite source of laughter, support system, travel partner, snuggle buddy, dining companion …. my favorite everything.

So Richard – Thank you for being my favorite. I can’t wait to celebrate many more anniversaries with you (and eat at The Grey Plume year after year)

Love Always,


Thank you Megan Pomeroy for our photo.



Jenna + Bill


This wedding was a true labor of love: Jenna’s dress made by her mom (with pockets!), the copper chandelier made by the her father, the gorgeous stationery made by the couple’s friends, and the custom cake topper made by the bride’s brother all added a special touch to a reception that was full of genuine love and excitement for Jenna and Bill.

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A big thank you to The Mullers, Shamrock & Thistle, AAA, Butterfly Bakery and of course the staff at Lied Lodge.